Filomena Campus

“When Paolo starts playing, you feel it in your veins! Those notes and sounds are so familiar, but always so surprising. And the way he is so attentive to what he’s listening to, really respectful.” – Filomena Campus Photo: Courtesy of Nadjib LeFleurier Sardinian native Filomena Campus is an internationally recognised and renowned and award-winning … Continue reading Filomena Campus

Filomena Campus & Giorgio Serci ‘Scaramouche’ (EGEA) 4/5

Internationally revered and respected Sardinian free improviser/lyricist/Jazz vocalist Filomena Campus along with award winning Sardinian guitarist, composer and arranger Giorgio Serci recently launched their latest album ‘Scaramouche’ at a critically and publically acclaimed showcase at London’s Pizza Express, Jazz Bar. This luxuriously packaged CD is reminiscent of those classical musical gate-fold box-set LP’s of yesteryear … Continue reading Filomena Campus & Giorgio Serci ‘Scaramouche’ (EGEA) 4/5

Steve Williamson Pt.3

“Do you understand he is the father of a language. He influenced many great saxophone players…So when you hear Michael Brecker playing alternate phrases, understand there are certain phrases or catchphrases that everybody recognises as that individual. John Coltrane is the father of that language.” – Steve Williamson Photo: Courtesy of Carl Hyde In Part … Continue reading Steve Williamson Pt.3

Enzo Zirilli

“I always loved the freedom of Jazz. I like to call Jazz a ‘Discipline of Freedom’ – that’s the way I like to describe Jazz, because to me it’s just like having the discipline with total freedom.” – Enzo Zirilli Photo: Courtesy of Nadjib LeFleurier Italian born master drummer and percussionist Enzo Zirilli is a … Continue reading Enzo Zirilli

Tori Handsley

“As I said before I grew up listening to a lot of different things, such as Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert, Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue; and a lot of (Thelonious) Monk…I just can’t get enough of him; it’s just something about his feel…” – Tori Handsley Photo: Courtesy of Nadjib LeFleurier Harp player, pianist, band … Continue reading Tori Handsley

Rowland Sutherland Pt.2

“What I like to do in these instances, if its writing something that is taking influence from an original source, I absorb myself and I reacquaint myself with the person’s general persona and aura; I check out their material and things like that. Because obviously there’s a certain amount that I already knew about John … Continue reading Rowland Sutherland Pt.2

Noemi Nuti

“I like song; everything is within a song framework. I love a song, that’s where my passion is. So how do you write songs that can implement great melodies, great harmonies, great words, and great rhythm and groove, and keep all those elements in? So you look at all of your Gods and they all … Continue reading Noemi Nuti

Best jazz albums of 2014

Welcome to ukvibe’s BEST JAZZ ALBUMS OF 2014 For our best jazz albums of 2013 click here For our best compositions of 2013 click here There have been many alternative ‘Best Of’ lists these past few weeks; DownBeat sighted Sonny Rollins, Dave Holland and The Bad Plus as their top three. Many included Pat Metheny … Continue reading Best jazz albums of 2014