Damien Chazelle Soundtrack ‘Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench’ (Editions Milan Music) 3/5

This is the music to a new film soundtrack, and only part of it is jazz, while the rest is light western classical with elements of jazz instrumentation. At is best, the most draws inspiration from the sounds of Louis Armstrong circa 1930 with, ‘Cincinnati’, featuring vocals and trumpet playing, while, ‘Love in the fall’, comprises a piano jazz trio plus male vocalist. The female vocals are those of an actress who is trying her hand at singing rather than a seasoned professional and it is in this vein that one should approach the quasi-spoken delivery of, ‘It happened at dawn’. A duet between electric piano and vibraphone is an interesting diversion. Elsewhere, think of a Woody Allen soundtrack with classical influences, and piccolo soloing with accompanying strings.

With just under half an hour’s music, this release could certainly benefit from more examples of jazz-related content. Otherwise, a pleasant, if unexceptional listening experience.

Tim Stenhouse