Dimitri from Paris ‘Salsoul Mastermix’ [2017 Remaster] 2CD (BMG) 5/5

Dimitri aka Dimtrios Yerasimos has ruled the disco remixing waves for over twenty years since he first came to international prominence in 1996 with the release of the ground breaking ‘Sacrébleu’, an album that fused samba, jazz and the more soulful side of house music with wonderful samples of the French language via library jingles. He followed this up with a first incursion into the Salsoul label with ‘My Salsoul’ (2001), production duties with Venezuelan group Los Amigos Invisibles (2005) that earned them a Grammy nomination, hooking up with the BBE label for ‘Cocktail Disco’ (2007) and then successfully attempted a reworking of the Philly disco vibe on ‘Get Down With the Philly Sound’ (2010). This second exploration of the Salsoul label leaves no stone unturned and, as well as his own expertly created re-edits, showcases some of the great remixers including Walter Gibbons, François Kerkovian, Larry Levan, Tom Moulton and Shepp Pettibone. This is no less than a superb overarching foray into the leading disco remixers of all time.

The first CD effortlessly interweaves the classy tracks into a non-stop mastermix and as such seventeen tracks are heard, whereas the second CD just allows the music to speak for itself and ten full length versions are heard in their entirety. Re-editing requires a knowledge of instrumentation and replaces original instrumental sounds with new, updated versions. Dimtri truly comes into his own on the Love Committee’s ‘Just as long as I got you’ and especially Double Exposure’s ‘Ten per cent’. However, he works wonders on lesser known items such as The Jammers’ ‘Be mine tonight’, and two Skyy songs, ‘Here’s to you’ and ‘First time around’, that were big on the dancefloor in the early 1980’s. All-time classics are given a styilish personalised ‘Dimtri touch’ as with ‘Moment of my life’, from Inner Life, or Loleatta Holloway’s disco anthem, ‘Love sensation’. The first side includes the disco-boogie of ‘I know you will’ by Logg, the recently departed Bunny Sigler on ‘By the way you dance (I knew it was you)’, which just happens to be an unreleased Larry Levan remix, and matters start off on a natural disco high with ‘My love is free’ by Double Exposure, courtesy of the Frankie Knuckles remix. Minimal packaging, but a full listing on the tracks themselves. Someone needs to write another book on the art of remixing/re-editing and if they did, Dimitri would be sure to feature prominently.

Tim Stenhouse