Laurent Nicoud ‘Outline’ (QFTF) 4/5

Anything “solo” is a scary discipline. You are on your own. No excuses.
Solo piano as a musical art form is overshadowed by its classical tradition, although throughout jazz history there have been numerous productions that come to mind as advocates of the “Solo Tradition”. Jarret’s Cologne Concert would probably be on top of that list.
Laurent Nicoud is a young swiss pianist-composer who recorded his solo debut in New York, with support by jazz prodigy Shai Maestro. Nicoud comes from a classical background and although this production is filed as jazz, I would rather like to understand it as part of the “Solo Piano Music Tradition”.

Nicoud’s pieces are straightforward and beautiful. His touch is unique, his technique flawless, his vocabulary eloquent. There is a lyrical quality to all his musical ideas and a flattering familiarity to the sound of a young Keith Jarret. Nicoud’s dynamic approach to marking a melodic statement is stunning. His quality of sound is one of a kind. Outline marks the beginning of a very promising young artist’s recording career. I can’t wait to hear more!

Voice for Ages, Bird’s Levitation, Ostinato #3, In front of a tree and a light, Louffoque, Far Ahead, Outline, Weird Spaces, Ocean, Groove in E-Flat, One in E major