LyricL ‘UnequiVocaL’ (Tokyo Dawn) 5/5

Since 2001 her voice has graced many a release, appearing on various artist compilations, singles and 12″ platters, many collaborations within an array of musical directions across a big pool of record labels which culminated in her debut album release back in 2011 which was entitled ‘Amazed’ after which she continued her steadfast collaborations and appearances on V/A albums most notably on the compilations released by the Tokyo Dawn records label such as their ‘The Move Volume 2’ and ‘The Heart Volume 4’ long players.

London born writer, arranger, spoken word social commentator and singer, Lillian Mgbado, aka LyricL has released her next album and people, I have to say that this is one of the most encompassing albums that I have had the pleasure of being entertained by in a very long time, both lyrically and musically, with its low lighting -indeed candle lit-production warmth and LyricL’s passionate and soulful yet ultra serious spoken vocal deliveries, an MC of super high calibre, a commentator of the life, the lives that affect us all, love, dissatisfaction, violence, social breakdown, people, hope.

An eclectic pot pourri of progressive hip hop density, jazzy funk grooves and soul stirrings being the order of the day from the EPMD style 70s keyboard slung low groove of ‘Dreamstate’ featuring a rap collaboration with 3rd Person and Breakplus and the equally slung low of ‘Try’ with Enrico Delves and Stephen Bam Busette in attendance with its distinct Jamiroquai vibe and rollin’ riddim. Then we have a piece entitled ‘Appreshelove’ a vocal led instructive and statement with seductive club powered harmonies forming the hookline backdrop and LyricL confidently in spoken word throughout addressing relationships and loss which can be read in either its personal and/or in its social context as she states “So we’re connected, through different ways, artistically, spiritually, creatively, socially, culturally, lovingly, memorably, beautifully and wonderfully, So when you lose something you panic right? or you worry, blame yourself whilst tracing your steps and when you lose those that you love or are in love with or, someone, I guess its more of the same yet the feeling is far worse” said in clear and confident tones and one cannot help but simply listen to her voice intensely, a very addictive voice it has to be said.

The track ‘Appreshelove’ first appeared on Tokyo Dawn’s V/A compilation ‘The Move Vol 2’ back in September of last year and is included thankfully here featuring Stephen Bam Busette. Equally addictive is a piece entitled ‘Wanna Make’ again featuring Stephen Bam Busette, I wont quote from the song this time, you’ll simply have to listen to feel, I will say it’s driven by a classic dance groove and in my humble opinion should be the album’s single, a double A Side single, it’s short with a catchy chorus, and yet again, it’s her delivery, the voice. I have the video of this single already directed in my head as should be expected by a catchy piece like this, the other A side of this single would be a piece entitled ‘Expected’, a wonderful underground lazer light in a field moment with its dubby synth bass and swirling melody and again with an ultra catchy chorus, this piece featuring Daz-I-Kue. Pure Niceness.

Seriously, check it out and feel the lyrics. There are 16 tracks on this album, I could go on, but I want to listen again. This album is ever so luxurious, not in dreammy la la land fashion, it is Seriously luxurious and it hits home and it absolutely warrants 72 minutes of your time and thoughts. In fact, play it twice through in one session. Released on Tokyo Dawn Records. Pure production. Feel it.

Gibsy Rhodes