MIX NO. 33: Waltz For Peace

As I am constantly reminded by friends and social media of the wealth of classic jazz to be discovered, with a loose ‘modal’ or ‘waltz’ tag to them, I remind myself of the brand new music that would comfortably sit beside them. Many, it would seem, focus an awful lot of attention on searching for those ’70s delights, when, with relative ease, one could open up new doorways to their collections. Here I pool some of those dear to me in recent times, with an obvious focus on the brand new 2020 releases as this mix goes live in April 2020. Perhaps they will be sought after by the next generation? I really do hope it doesn’t take that long for they excite me with gusto in the here and now. Steve Williams


Phi-Psonics – Mama [Trio Version] (Nightnote 2020)
Web Web – Enchanted Realm (Compost 2020)
Ken Fowser – Seventy Sixers (Posi-Tone 2020)
Sasha Mashin – Sulieman Saud (Rainy Days 2020)
Day Dream Trio – Wedding Waltz (Corner Store Jazz 2020)
Peter Hum – Rabble Rouser (Self-released 2020)
Kaylé Brecher – My Favorite Things (Penchant Four Music 2020)
John Bailey – Elite State Of Mind (Freedom Road 2020)
Gianmarco Scaglia & Paul Wertico Quartet – Dave (Challenge 2020)
Andrea Brachfeld – Double Rainbow (Origin 2020)
Aaron Parks – Fire (Parksasaurus Wrecks 2020)
Jerome Jennings – Three Muses (Iola 2019)
Gianluca Vigliar – Taxi Stereo (A.MA 2019)
Roberto Ottaviano – Your Lady (Dodicilune 2018)
Linda Sikhakhane – Influential Moments (Skay Music 2017)
Vcu Jazz Studies/Ukzn Jazz + Plunky Branch – Nia (Self-released 2017)
Menagerie – There Will Come Soft Rains (Try Thoughts 2012)
Babatunde Lea – Carolyn’s Dance (Motéma 2002)

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