21st Mar2014

Sky Hi ‘Testify’ (GED Soul) 4/5

by ukvibe

Sky-Hi-TestifyThis album appears to have surfaced without much of a fanfare and I don’t know why! Lead vocals are from Derobert, and I suspect its also The Half Truths behind him too. This is a quite superb funk album, but before we go any further, this ain’t funk ala the 70’s – its modern day watered down funk, but that’s ok with me. We are treated to real instruments; bass, hammond and intricate percussion driving the whole project with some superb horns thrown in for good measure. Constant plays for tracks “Walk out that door”, which could quite easily have featured in some black urban movie from days gone by, “Junkyard Dog”, which is utterly fabulous to dance too, as is the title “Testify”. My only gripe is that there isn’t a quality slow deeper track. “Love is real” is on the right track but its very weak, it meanders along without going anywhere, but I still maintain this is one top album, on lovely thick vinyl too, hey and unlike ‘Daptone’ you can actually download the MP3 version without any hassle…

Brian Goucher


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