Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross ‘The Real Ambassadors’ (Poll Winners) 4/5

This fine album has not been re-issued since the 1980s when CDs first arrived and this is an infinitely superior sound and package all round. It is fascinating to hear Louis Armstrong outside his normal context of either strings and big band orchestrations with greater emphasis on the voice which still carries some punch. The recordings date from 1961 and there is the opportunity to hear Louis play trumpet on ‘Someday my prince will come’ which, by chance, Miles Davis recorded during the same year. Elsewhere the pairing of Carmen McRae with the Dave Brubeck band in trio format is a marriage made in heaven and they would repeat the experience live at ‘Basin St. East’, a few numbers of which are included as extras here. On the original album Carmen and the trio excel on ‘Summer song’ which is the better of the two versions on offer while the live vocal take on ‘Take five’ is a classic’ and ‘In your own sweet way’ a lovely refined number. Lambert, Hendricks and Ross end up dueting with Satchmo on several numbers, but this writer would have liked to hear a more equal distribution with the trio shining by themselves plus trio. Ironically their tribute to the legendary trumpeter can be heard on ‘Blow Satchmo’ with the fine accompaniment of the Brubeck trio.

Tim Stenhouse