V/A ‘A Night Out In London’ Compiled by Nik Weston (Aosis)

Okay, a little hard this one to be objective about, what with Nik’s input on the site, but here goes… critical reviewing.
The thirteen-track compilation opens with a beautiful jazz number from Res with Coltrane/Modal flavours. eloquent nu jazz nugget.
Hey, just thought – night out in London on Japanese release only – not much chance then of hearing it in London… Ironic! Moving on, we find samba beats on Pamela Driggs’ ‘Leicoa’, almost the best thing on this disc, which is truly representative of the many genres of music you would find in the smoke. Opas sound on Yukoh Kusunoki’s ‘After The Dance’ – revival almost, a little passé (to mention Michael McDonald here would be a little too critical), Maysa Leak features on Jazoulsters’ first of three offerings here, ‘Family Affair’ (yes that one) is given a proper reworking – nice one Maysa.
Paris Match next up with a George Benson sound – we don’t like. however, Osamu Kaike’s rendition of ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ is without a shadow of doubt the best thing here – proper jazz all the way, and even giving Ms. Lundy’s version a run for its money. worth the search, worth the money, worth the effort alone.
we then move through jazz dance meets Jeff Lorber on ‘Shi Wa Zu’, descarga madness on ‘Descarga Pa’Ti’ and true London sounds on ‘Speed Of Love’ scats included free of charge. the cd is in full throttle. up next two more Jazoulster. first ‘Landscape from the Higher Lounge’ – not sure if the title wins first prize or the awesome sax blowing. me no like third Jazoulster track, but nuff praise to Paris Match’s second offering ‘Deep Inside’ with Ananda Project on the mix.
all in all there are some dated sounds I will admit, but 10 out of 13 is some achievement when it comes to the quality here.

Steve Williams