Various ‘Alex Attias presents LillyGood Party Vol. 2’ 2LP/CD (BBE Music) 5/5

Alex Attias releases the second of his ‘LilyGood Party’ compilations on Barely Breaking Even this year exposing some more of those hidden gems plucked from deep within his own bag of tricks.

The LillyGood compilation series – named as something of an homage to the club nights Alex and his brother, Stephane Attias, would host in their hometown of Lausanne, Switzerland – showcases selections of tracks that the revered DJ has become synonymous with over the years. As a DJ, producer, record collector and founder of the UK/Swiss label Visions Recordings, Attias has always managed to express his commitment to innovative and contemporary genres and styles across the spectrum of nu-jazz, broken beat, disco and soul.

Featuring the tag line of “A selection of really really good grooves”, Volume One, having been released through BBE in 2018, showcased music exemplary of Attias’s ethos. Even music from, in some ways, unlikely sources like Nicole Willis, Sunaga T Experience and Kathy Kosins were able to boast strategically selected remixes neatly pulling them into the LillyGood realm.

Volume Two masterfully continues in that vein with a selection of sublime, up-tempo numbers designed to put you on a Swiss dance floor for the archetypal LillyGood experience. ‘Touch’ by the Kaidi Tatham helmed/Copenhagen collective, 12 Senses, kicks the project off perfectly with a broken beat, jazz-funk excursion from their 2018 ‘Movement’ EP; Martin Iveson – perhaps best known under the alias Atjazz – hooks up with vocalist Sarai Jazz for the lush ‘Playground’; Daymé Arocena’s disco-esque number ‘Stuck’ from her sophomore Brownswood Recordings release, ‘One Takes’, also finds itself snugly at home.

As would probably be expected, the set boasts a hefty selection of remixes including Ben Brophy’s excellent take on ‘Children of the World’ by The Elements of Life with Josh Milan, Yam Who’s wonderful take on Dwayne Morgan’s ‘Everything’ boasting a scene-stealing closing two minutes of trippy sonic bliss which could have happily continued for a further five minutes as far as I was concerned, and of course the GU Peak True Time Mix of Stacy Kidd’s ‘How Bad I Want Ya’ featuring Peven Everett. But in the remix stakes, Attias himself throws his own name amongst the selections with an excellent re-edit of David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters’ ‘Gwotet’ featuring the legendary Pharoah Sanders.

With the first two instalments of the LillyGood compilations boasting such incredible selections and introducing prospective listeners to exquisite artists, tracks and even alternative mixes that may have initially slipped past your radar, there’s the absolute hope that these are now being positioned to become an on-going series for BBE Music, and that Volume 3 won’t be too far away. And should that be the case then we look forward to another round of “really really really good grooves”.

Imran Mirza