Ana Moura ‘Coliseu’ (World Village/Harmonia Mundi) 4/5

Capitalising on the success of her previous well received album, Leva-me aos fados’, Portuguese fado singer Ana Moura seems destined for international stardom and this live recording, which is actually two separate live recordings from the Coliseu venues in Lisbon and Porto, merely confirms all the initial hype. A classic selection of heart rendering songs (and no repetition whatsoever from the aforementioned studio album) is best exemplified by ‘Os meus olhos sao dois cirius’ (’My eyes are two candles’) and the extended a capella intro to one of Amalia Rodrigues’ compositions ‘La lava no sao lavava’. Only minimal instrumentation is needed here with a singer whose purity of voice speaks volumes. Ana Moura is close behind Mariza in terms of recognition and it is only a matter of time before she gains a similar following outside her native country in Europe and North America. Place this latest album alongside Mariza’s ‘Fado tradicional’ for a beginner’s guide to authentic fado music.

Tim Stenhouse