Andre’ Lee ‘The Truth’ (Coday) 4/5

andre-leeJust how good is it to have the silky dusky tones of Andre’ Lee back in circulation? I first got acquainted with this guy way back in 1997 when the superb “So Good” set landed, of which the epic dancer “Something about your loving” became a monster dance-floor destroyer, and it still gets spins today from those jocks in the know! Then I had to wait until 2008 for his “Straight from the heart” eleven-tracker and the quality continued with numerous songs getting radio spins, and so to today, with his latest album, “The Truth”. Once again the quality is still there, even if the production is a tad on the sparse side. He has never been about real instruments, synthesisers used professionally without erasing the soulfulness. The first three tracks are aimed at the dancers with “Right kind of woman” getting the replays here, a full-on romping southern soul dancer, “Im thinking bout us” is the first of the down-tempo tunes and the subject matter of which won’t win too many radio plays. “My Girl” is a busy bustling dancer which could have benefitted from some real horns, it’s an old school sound and another top vocal, a perfect radio tune. “Im that man” has a mid 80’s feel and it’s none the worse for that, a nice stepper that grows on you, with a further ballad and a good dancer the album closes out with a piece of nonsense, a remix of “Its going down” with a rapper Eric C who actually has nothing to say of any merit, we could have another great vocal to enthuse over, still 10 superb vocal tracks, I’me not complaining, great to have this voice back, that’s for sure.

Brian Goucher