Astor Piazzolla ‘Piazzolla O no?’ / ‘PIazzolla interpreta a Piazzolla’ (Jackpot) 4/5

Here is an interesting new label that has had the foresight to re-issue two of the early 1960s classic albums by Argentine bandoneon legend Astor Piazzolla on one CD, LPs that were originally on the Columbia label in Argentina. These have until recently been unavailable and then were poorly mastered, taken direct from the original vinyl. Now properly restored to their original glory and here with their striking covers and lovingly translated cover notes, this will hopefully be the first in a series of Piazzolla’s seminal period where major innovations in tango were being orchestrated by the maestro. The first of the albums is the more conventional of the two and Piazzolla was clearly treading carefully here. This explains the large number of covers and the relatively short time of the pieces. In contrast the second album features an early version of the now signature tune composition ‘Adios nonino’ with ‘Lo que vendra’ and ‘Tanguismo’ other highlights of a significantly more confident muisician in the studio. At seventy-nine minutes this CD represents unbeatable value for money and one looks forward to hearing the sextet and octet recordings on the same label.

Tim Stenhouse