Avery Sunshine ‘The Sunroom’ (Big Shine Recordings) 5/5

avery-sunshineA beautiful woman with a voice to match and what an album she’s served up to us this time, kicking off with the Ann Peebles inspired “Love wont you try” with its Royal Studios sound, a chugging opus that should see some action in the more adventurous arena’s, “Call my name” is already getting strong radio plays, a down tempo modern day ballad without any theatre, just simple singing against a sympathetic backing, easy to see why the jocks have jumped on this, all very safe, but so good too. And so to my personal fave “I do love you”, a finger clicking base heavy stroller in a 60’s style that just builds and builds, her voice gets a good work out too as she tries to inject some feeling into the proceedings, a piano comes to the fore as we move through this gem, love it. “See you when I get there” is another finger snapper that will have you swaying and nodding your head, lovely tuneage. Buy it, stick it in the laser flicker, turn the volume up, and treat your neighbours to the sound of the summer 2014.

Brian Goucher