Baiju Bhatt & Red Sun ‘Alive in Lausanne’ (Private Press) 5/5

When was the last time you got a sunburn in December?
I must admit, I do not really like world music, I can not stand the esoteric and pompous act and I fear Jazz violin – however this is different!
Baiju Bhatt comes straight to the point and delivers an album with charged virtuosity, nonstop energy and unlimited playfulness. Red Sun simply does not let go of the gas pedal. Solo section after solo section, song after song they move forward.
Leader Baiju Bhatt makes a potent point for where Jazz-Violin can go in 2018. Bhatt manages his bandmates with a strong creative voice and vision, and forms a tight band complex, with a unique sound and outstanding repertoire.
Red Sun traces a journey from oriental heat to Swiss cool, Across this distance and affinity is discernible the outspokenness and expression of both musical cultures.
Unrestrained and unstoppable. Truly free, full of fantasy and vision.