Binker Golding ‘Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers’ LP/CD (Gearbox) 4/5

Saxophonist Binker Golding caps off an already excellent year with the release of his brand new project ‘Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers’, released through the vinyl-led record label, Gearbox Records.

Golding’s unique talents have always allowed him to take his music in any direction he feels – perhaps best known as an artist who embraces a free and improvisational approach to jazz with still maintaining a devoted love to the genre’s classics and forefathers. It’s become almost passé to continually note the wave of rising young talent within the UK scene but that’s usually because of the beaming pride that London-born reviewers (like myself) have with what’s unfolded over the past comparatively few years. All of a sudden, young UK talent made jazz accessible and embraced by young UK fans. I still pinch myself.

And Binker Golding has certainly been one of the names that’s seen himself at the forefront of this very revolution. In a year that has already seen him serve as part of the ensemble for pianist Sarah Tandy’s Jazz Re:freshed debut, ‘Inflection In The Sentence’, as well as Zara McFarlane & Dennis Bovell’s ‘East of the River Nile’ and Golding’s collaborative project with pianist Elliot Galvin, ‘Ex Nihilo’, ‘Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers’ sees Golding take centre-stage with a veritable dream team of musicians making up his quartet.

Double bassist Daniel Casimir (Jasmine Power, Camilla George), drummer Sam Jones (Charlotte Dos Santos, Zara McFarlane) and pianist Joe Armon-Jones (Ezra Collective, SEED Ensemble) are all names that have found themselves collaborating on past projects – be it their own and for other musicians – and all with a progressive multi-genre encompassing approach to jazz each often fusing elements from electronic to afrobeat into their music. The very nature of ‘Abstractions…’ however is rooted in its nostalgia – a celebration of the events and influences that placed Golding and his quartet into Abbey Road studios to record this exquisite collection of songs.

Gearbox Records – themselves with an exceptional year boasting releases of ‘Mothership’ by Dwight Trible and ‘Fyah’ by another beaming UK light, Theon Cross – has long served as the recording base for Golding; home to the three projects of Binker & Moses, the multi-award winning duo comprising of Golding and drummer Moses Boyd, and their trilogy of releases, ‘Dem Ones’ (2015), ‘Journey to the Mountain of Forever’ (2017) and ‘Alive in the East?’ (2018).

Although ‘Abstractions…’ perhaps goes against the grain for what people may have expected for this project, it is absolutely a testament to Golding’s limitless talent and a real gem within his ever-expanding and diverse catalogue.

Live dates:

Sep 18 Ronnie Scott’s, London, UK
Oct 06 Ronnie Scott’s, London, UK
Oct 29 Rough Trade East, London, UK

Imran Mirza