Bloodstone ‘Fly Away’ (Exposed Entertainment) 5/5

bloodstoneFor most of us, our introduction to this group would have been the million seller ‘Natural High’ which boasted a wonderful array of leads and exquisite harmonies over a lush orchestrated backing. Well the music has changed and suits the vocals and the production perfectly for 2014, the album kicks off with ‘Possible’ which will be well up there at the end of the year as a highlight – a head nodding, stepping opus with a great lead vocal and stunning harmonies adding to a subtle use of the dreaded synths together with a real drummer makes this a beautiful way to kick off. Next up the more urgent ‘Fly Away’ which has weekender anthem written all over it, sounding like you’ve danced to it hundreds of times already; so instant and infectious and another set of great vocals too. This would sit perfectly in one of Bigger’s sets (anyone who’s witnessed him mashing up a dance-floor will know what I mean). ‘No one’ is a love song a typical Bloodstone ballad, and yet another weekender type anthem in ‘Comfortable’. Next up then is ‘Spread Love’ which starts off with a pointless irritating rap and then into an easy-on-the-ear plea about making change in our lives – all very positive and then bang… it’s ruined by another rap that says absolutely nothing! Without the raps this could have been the track of the album… oh well.
‘Theatre of love’ is another trademark down-tempo tune with top lead and those customary harmonies, sheer joy and then some. ‘I’m getting even witch baby’ is another glorious head-nodder and very listenable and we aren’t even half way through it! A fabulous album, and one you should buy before it disappears, as it isn’t very well promoted and its availability isn’t widespread either.

Brian Goucher