Bodo Maier Jazz Quintet ‘Approaching Change’ (QFTF) 3/5

Classic, groovin’ Hard-Bop. Bodo Maier knows how to Jazz.
This phenomenal trumpeter and composer from Switzerland delivers a promising debut, drawing inspiration from the Giants of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.
This five-track album is entertaining. Maier makes use of interesting instrumental scenarios and delivers his musical message strongly driven by the groove. His straightforward musical attitude will get jazz enthusiasts excited. If you fancy the avant-garde, this will not be the band for you. There is no surprise regarding language or form. It’s jazz as you expect. Maier’s sound, attitude and skills will score on any bandstand around the world, no matter if dodgy or high-class.
The only downside: this super polished production, kills so much character of Maiers sound and energy. Why not go all the way, if old school is the way to go? For his next recording, Maier needs to switch producers, to make sure his vision fits the appearance.