Bryony Jarman-Pinto ‘Cage and Aviary’ 2LP/CD (Tru Thoughts) 5/5

‘Cage and Aviary’ marks the debut album from singer-songwriter, Bryony Jarman-Pinto whose release comes courtesy of the Brighton-based Tru Thoughts record label.

With Tru Thoughts already in the midst of an excellent year, boasting releases from Quantic and Pieces of a Man which have already been unveiled along with upcoming projects from Moonchild and Rhi on the horizon – ‘Cage and Aviary’ could very well be the project to stand tallest for the year.

Spearheaded by the singles ‘As I’ve Heard’ and ‘Saffron Yellow’ – Jarman-Pinto’s distinctive unhindered style of soul, jazz, folk and beat-heavy tracks, coupled with an earnest and heartfelt approach to her songwriting, served as excellent examples to what her pairing with Tru Thoughts label-mate Tom “Werkha” Leah would breed for a full-length album.

As long-time friends, their musical collaborations extend beyond the music presented on ‘Cage and Aviary’ with Jarman-Pinto having guested on several tracks from Werkha’s more electronic-inspired album release, ‘Colours Of A Red Brick Raft’ (2015, Tru Thoughts) including ‘Dusk’, ‘Sidesteppin’ and ‘City Shuffle’, the latter two receiving further notoriety from their accompanying remixes by Henry Wu and General Ludd, respectively. Should you be reading this and keen to scoop up even more music featuring the delectable vocals of Ms Jarman-Pinto, I would absolutely urge you to check out ‘Jamais Vu’ which sees her partner with the incredible Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra from the album ‘Into Forever’ (2015, Gondwana Records).

Even just exploring these external collaborations, Jarman-Pinto’s versatility is fully on display as we hear this exquisite vocal excel whether it be on the more electronic/dance-oriented production of Werkha’s design or the jazz-folk synonymous with Matthew Halsall’s compositions. Which brings us right back around to ‘Cage and Aviary’ and its unique ability to create something that straddles all of these genres. It almost harks back to a perhaps under-appreciated Tru Thoughts release from 2008, ‘Raise The Roof’ by Lizzy Parks which also thrived from the dynamic pairing of songwriter/vocalist, Parks, with another Tru Thoughts luminaire in Benedic “Nostalgia 77” Lamdin.

‘Cage and Aviary’ really sees Jarman-Pinto navigating these varying soundscapes with ease – knowing when to sound confident as she does over the rapid-fire drums and high energy of ‘Sweet Sweet’ and then allowing the sincerity of her voice and penmanship to take centre-stage as it does through songs like ‘Emerge’ and ‘For The Bear’.

The album is an absolute joy and we look forward to more from Tru Thoughts and their continued onslaught of world-class music in 2019.

Imran Mirza