Calogero ‘Les Feux d’Aritifice’ (French Polydor) Ltd. Edition version 3/5

calogeroSicilian born singer-songwriter Calogero has become something of a phenomenon in France and this latest album has been well received by the rock press. To this writer’s ears the sound is very much stuck in a 1980s mainstream rock rut, but that is not to say that the era does not have music to commend and Calogero is a talented musician with an awareness of different musical styles and seeks to incorporate these into his music. On some numbers there is even a 1980s synth feel that harks back to Prince, though minus the funk element. However, the music works best when Calogero reverts to the classic singer-songwriter tradition as on ‘Avant toi’ and would be well served repeating that pared down formula. Rock and electronica combine successfully on ‘Un jour un mauvais endroit’ with again synths being an undercurrent. A departure from the rest of the album arrives in the form of a light dance rhythm on ‘Elle me manque déjà’ with a cod-house influenced piano vamp. In truth, this is music most likely to chime with a younger French audience that likes more traditional rock sounds, yet enjoys the odd nod to more exotic climbs.

Tim Stenhouse