Carmen Lundy ‘Something To Believe In’ (Justin Time) 5/5

Here we go, the reference for which all others should be compared. Ms. Lundy ranks with the ukvibe posse as top dollar. Back in 1995 we interviewed this lady (see interview), and every project she works on has become a mission and a subsequent masterpiece from that time.
Here Carmen is joined by brother Curtis once more (a nice inclusion for those who missed the Jazz Cafe gig earlier in the year), with the marvelous Regina Carter on violin (who concludes on ‘Moody’s mood for love’ where the sax is usually found – deep) straight out of the verve stables.
Those familiar will appreciate me saying there is a significant ‘Good morning kiss’ appeal to this new album, though there are a few straight jazz cuts, there are more importantly some outstanding moments – ‘In love again’ is an up tempo, in-your-face jazz classic in the making, setting the mood for the following nine wonderful compositions.
The “you are going to cry listening” tune here folks is her take on Michel Legrand’s ‘Windmills of your mind’. This sits side by side with her best works, and don’t you doubt it. I am the self-proclaimed Carmen worshiper……’happy’ is typical Carmen, you will agree.
Again, Regina’s use of the violin adds character to this, a quirky approach that gives this album a boost unlike any of her previous works. Truly well put together and something I am sure is reflective of Curtis Lundy’s input and production skills. Justin-Time is the way forward for Carmen, that is a fact. This album is not a grower folks – it’s instantaneous pleasure!

Steve Williams