Chazz MC ‘Two Wrongs Don’t Make it Right’ (Bootchee Music) 4/5

chazz-mcThis arrived on the tale end of 2014, to which, has garnered some serious time here at home. I’m a sucker for the falsetto vocal and on this album I really am spoilt with some great vocals and over sympathetic arrangements, kicking off with the title track, which sets up the album nicely – a nice down-low start before moving into the more urgent “Baby Come To Me”, which is in fact an excellent dancer drawing on echoes of the wonderful Phil Perry. Dropping the pace slightly for the 80’s tinged “Love Crazy” where we get to here a deeper range to his voice then “Lovin’ You”, which has been getting plays on radio shows with its radio friendly stepper tempo. Now then, to the track that’s been causing the biggest stir, the dance-floor anthem “Baby” – a bustling insidious rhythm that takes over your body and makes you move, nice harmonies and a lead that just fits perfectly. Next up is a dreamy down-tempo offering with percussion, straight out of the Sir Charles Jones camp, then its back to the falsetto and it all works so very well to these ears. I love it!
I think you’ve got the idea now. The rest of the January 2015 release is also very worthy, if you like Eddie Holman of “Hey There Lonely Girl” fame then this modern day opus is surely for you.

Brian Goucher