Thomas Clausen / Francesco Calì ‘The Voyage’ (Stunt) 3/5

clausen-caliComposed to accompany the play, ‘The Arrival’, that was performed in Denmark in 2015 and recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden, this new project pairs together another pianist and accordionist, in this case Danish pianist Thomas Clausen and Italian accordionist Francesco Calì, the latter resident in Copenhagen since 2013. Calì is a classically trained keyboardist as well as a composer, but it is Clausen who serves as principal composer here. The music works best when viewed as the accompaniment to a film soundtrack and the relatively short pieces (only two compositions over five minutes in length) are testimony to this, with the lyrical,’Street Life No.1′, possessing a dream-like quality and the strongest number to these ears. Multiple influences can be identified and these include southern European folk music through to more exotic Argentine tango and Brazilian choro flavours. There is a lightness of touch on the piano from Clausen that is commendable.
One slight drawback with a project such as this is that, despite the range of influences on offer, the overall sound does come across as slightly repetitive, though that may simply be an accurate reflection of parts of the play that are duplicated. Otherwise, this is an enjoyable listen and, in general, piano and accordion seldom come together in a jazz idiom and that is to be welcomed.

Tim Stenhouse