Creation Rebel ‘Dub From Creation’ LP-RSD (On-U Sound) 5/5

Feeling quiet nostalgic and honoured that this one came my way for a review as it is choc a bloc with memories of dubbist sessions from the late 70s and 80s, whence as a student of the I ‘n’ I music vibes I would literally close my ears to virtually everything else. As long as it was dub it was dubbed. If it wasn’t – it was not played or heard and would not come remotely near (at least a 1 mile radius) to my stylus needle. I first came across Creation Rebel’s ‘Dub from Creation’ (originally on Hitrun records) in a Record Shop in Colchester – of all places. Returning to my prison-like sized digs in William Morris Towers (it was a 13 storey high Tower Block on Essex University Campus) I stayed in for the rest of the day and night playing this LP, A-side, B-Side, flip again, start all over and never getting bored. The ‘neighbour’, a white NF voter banged the wall angrily but I did enjoy fighting down Babylon with Dub every time. Step forward some 40 years and those special slices produced by Adrian Sherwood and engineered by the mighty Dennis Bovell and Sid Bucknor have been re-issued in special limited edition clear vinyl to celebrate the recent Record Store Day. Repressed for the first time this re-issue includes a download card for full album plus two bonus tracks, and printed inner sleeve with a new essay by Steve Barker (The Wire Magazine/BBC Radio) telling the story of the recording in full.

So the year was 1978. A young Adrian Sherwood, on his first production mission, added the necessary dub stardust to the music at Gooseberry Studios after the riddim tracks were created in Jamaica. This was a process or formula many would follow; only 40 years on it is much easier through the wonderful world of the net and online music collaborations. Dennis Bovell engineered with Sid Bucnor, they steered the sounds, and the rest as they say is history. Every generation of dubbists from that time to this time will hold this one up as a starting point. Everything about the release hollered unique. From the mystical cover, with an embryo in the foreground coming out almost wired from the daunting dub kingdom in the background to the sonic frequencies lifting off with the opener ‘Dub From Creation’ a steppers riddim, solid bassline and that melodica mixed up there high in the mix. You can just see the band appearing out of the turrets and towers on the cover, with Dr Pablo on melodica on the highest tower summoning the masses to skank with every note. Sherwood rides by with a mixing desk on a camel and the rest of the band, who made up the Arabs (Prince Far-I’s band) are playing from different places. I am still in total awe of the closing piece, ‘Vision of Creation’, with its minimalism and far out-ness. The template was laid out, the carpet, everything else – rolled out – and once you stepped into the Kingdom of Creation you stayed a Rebel, for life. 10 out of 5!

Haji Mike