David Sinclair’s “25 years of jazz photography” – 116 gems

November 2015 @ The Royal Albert Hall – sponsored by Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Soho, London

– An EFG London Jazz Festival event.

steve-williamson_by_David Sinclair

When one is faced with 116 photos of some of the great artists and musicians of the jazz world (and more), one can only stand and admire.
I was honoured to be invited to the preview of the show: all the photos, curated by David’s son as well, Malcolm, are exhibited around the amphitheatre of the building. Clever and fun at the same time.
I loved looking at each and every single one of them, but David Sinclair being David Sinclair, his mark is for sure on each print. One can spot the David Sinclair from a mile. From Max Roach to Ronnie Scott to Charlie Watts. My favourite illustrates this short piece on the exhibition. I am a great fan of saxophonist Steve Williamson, I love David’s photo of him. It captures the man perfectly.

David Sinclair’s photos for the exhibition are only a hand-full taken from an archive of 50,000!

To see more photos, and perhaps buy some too, visit sinclairjazz.com

by Erminia Yardley