Diana Navarro ‘Flamenco’ (Warner Spain) 4/5

If you are looking for a release that contains that captures that elusive essence of flamenco known as ‘duende’, look no further. This live recording from Seville in July 2011 will cater for all your musical needs and then some. Navarro is a highly respected flamenco singer and her albums have consistently sold well in her native land. Here we have the opportunity to hear the singer in her purest form, accompanied solely by guitarist Juan Antonio Su☺arez. One is immmediately struck by the sheer beauty of the voice which is devoid of the commercial clichés of the genre in so far as there are no excessive ad-libs or embellishments. Rather Diana Navarro focuses on delivery alone and in this respect she excels. The repertoire is eclectic within the confines of flamenco and covers a variety of sub-genres that are difficult in parts for the non-specialist to distinguish. Highlights include ‘Tinieblas’ with a gorgeous, lengthy guitar introduction and the faster paced cambiñas style of ‘Deja que te mire’, but this is definitely an album to be savoured as a whole. Deserves to be heard outside strictly flamenco aficionados.  Tim Stenhouse

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