Donnie Ray ‘She’s My Honey Bee’ (Ecko) 3/5

donnie-rayI have said it numerous time before that I love this guy’s voice. Not withstanding the production issues raised (also many times before), his voice still carries most of his songs on this new release. This album is the usual southern soul fare, most of the uptempo tracks I can leave, but there are two killers on here, once he drops the tempo that’s when he comes into his own, with “I’m still waiting on you” and “I knew it was you” proving now to be constant plays here at home. Having given us the best part of ten albums, I think it’s time he went into a proper studio with a real band and give us the soul album we know he is capable of producing. With that, I think it fair to say the release does merit five stars for his voice, but a mere three for the album’s content.

Brian Goucher