Dub Gabriel ‘ADSR DUB’ LP/DIG (Destroy All Concepts) 5/5

Being an avid supporter & collector for well over 15 years now of the underground dub sound movement. I've always enjoyed that 'lazer lights in a field' moment that some dub musicians such as Panda Dub and Mayd Hubb, OTT et al travel down through in their creations & mixdowns and the opener track entitled 'Interstella Dub Dwella' it is exactly what my ears delight in, with its swirly hypnotic wash and a bass line straight outa The Clash circa 1980/81. Indeed this album is absolutely seasoned to perfection by speed controlled effects and lazer wonderments, with this aside however the pieces offered on this album ADSR DUB are easy on the ears with laid back powerful sub bass rhythms giving space for a healthy emphasis on showcasing his beloved and masterfully played synthesizer melodies, hook lines and backdrops such as you will hear on 'Cali Collie' a downbeat heavy skanker with a duet of synth lead lines and an almost subliminal sounding melodica yet in lead mode – played by Addis Pablo – throughout the piece. A simple and effective bass line underpinning the chuggin' motion of the piece, if pure hi-end synth ambience married with dub floats your boat then you are going to dig this album. This is the fifth album release from San Francisco resident, multi instrumentalist and regular tourer Dub Gabriel.

Synthesizers and reggae traditionally haven't really had a lasting relationship, it's very nearly always been the good old piano and organ, although some of us of a certain age can remember perhaps having a few vinyl singles by that very jolly reggae band The Vulcans way back in the day, which were released on the original Trojan records label and which featured heavy synthesizer leads and hooklines. For lovers of synths you will hear Korg and Moog throughout this album.

However, occasionally within, the synths give way to a more trad style reggae vibe with other delights emerging, such as the percussion led poetry piece that is 'Real Time Illusion' featuring Spaceape, the short dreamlike journey of 'Black Magic White Lies' with its surreal Elizabethan sentiment in essence, as it were, and we have the magnificent multi vibe piece that is 'Freedom Dub', featuring Ranking Joe with a minimalist psychedelic dub mix, indeed with Krautrock being one of Dub Gabriel's favourite genres aside from dub it's no surprise that this influence would appear across a few tracks. I also find myself delightfully immersed inside the end track of the album, a piece simply entitled 'Fin' which can only be described as absolute ultra ambience with the drum track being its key immersion, an almost feather light journey of nearly five minutes leaving this listener wanting more.

It's been a few years, over four in fact since his last album offering to the dub community; that being 2013's 'Reggaebass Resistance'. This new album, 'ADSR Dub' takes the crown with its blend of dubscapes and ambience, riddim tracks and poetry and its lazer light moments. A crucial listening experience to accompany your accompaniments as one would say. Feel the underground shining, put it on your dub mixtape now.

Gibsy Rhodes