Dubheart ‘Cool Under Pressure’ (Karnatone) 4/5

Bournemouth. Once a sleepy retirement south coast resort, nowadays it’s an eclectic cauldron of cool happenings and the sounds of musical reggae pleasure.
‘Cool Under Pressure’ is the new album release by Bournemouth’s very own 5 piece roots reggae band, Dubheart, presenting a showcase style 14 tracker of vocal and dub reggae culture with mixing duties traditionally provided by Fullness (drummer Gavin Sant), also starring is the brass section from London ska band Chainska Brassica guesting on the album as the Brassica Horns. It’s the bands latest long player release since their 2013 classic ‘Mental Slavery’ and its follow-up dub version long player ‘Mental Slavery In Dub’, which was released the following year in 2014 with Fullness at the dub controls. The band recently enlisted Zacheous Jackson, MC Tenja and Prince Jamo to accompany their creations lyrically.
The first two tracks on the album ‘Cool Under Pressure’ and ‘Tek It Fool’ are by far the strongest of the set closely followed by the end piece ‘Rocky Road’ and all come complete with their dub versions, a nicely produced set of tunes and dubs that fully showcase the players with Mark Shepherd on bass guitar, David Mountjoy on the keys, Richard Ramsey on guitar who does a nice job on ‘Rocky Road’ also with Steve Parsons keeping the riddim backwash rolling on percussive duties and the aforementioned Gavin Sant on the drum kit.
The band will play their new album live for its launch night on Saturday April 14 8pm at The Old Fire station, Bournemouth. The album is released on the bands own house label Karnatone Records. This is a band that knows how to drop the reggae groove in fine musical passion.

Gibsy Rhodes