Ed Motta ‘Poptical’ (Trama) 5/5

Considered by many as the new voice of Brasil, it will come as a shock to many of you to learn that this 30 and a bit year old has already notched up nine albums. His distinctive soulful voice has an appeal unlike any other. Where two-step grooves often meet beautiful colorful Brazilian sounds – ambiance on plastic.
But try finding his albums and you’re really in trouble. His previous release ‘Dwitza’ was very poorly distributed and not until Whatmusic took over the sales did it manage to surface properly. The previous albums are only available in Brasil at the moment.

Ed Motta is certainly different, so wash away any preconceptions about Brazilian music before you listen and boy are you going to be enthralled.
Appearing live in November at the Jazz Cafe on 28th and 29th to promote this new album, after his successful appearance at the Incognito gig not too long back, he is already setting himself up for great appreciation.

This album? Well Ed Motta is renowned for his collection of unusual and rare keyboards, and some of them are featured here, giving the listener some eye-opening moments. It’s very soulful with even an English song ‘The rose that came to bloom’ highlighting his many talents, that include wine critic and radio presenter to name a few. His uncle was the very Tim Maia who by all accounts was not the best of influences, who sadly died whilst Ed was in London, although he does recognise his uncle’s talents his true influence comes from his wife Edna.

Don’t be fooled here, this album is distinctive and inspiring. It is forward thinking but subtle and with an Ed Motta twist all of its own. Good indeed to see Trama taking this man under their wing, hopefully his distribution will widen and the previous albums see the light of the British day very very soon.
When you’re next in that record shop and you ask to listen to this album, just say to the assistant “drop on ‘Coincidencia'” and stand back… get your money out ready, ’cause it’s spending time!

Steve Williams