Eric Dolphy, Mal Waldron, Ron Carter ‘Where?’/’The quest’ (American Jazz Classics) 5/5

Alto saxophonist and flautist Eric Dolphy is often regarded as part of the avant-garde, but here on this superlative pairing of albums, he, along with other musicians, skilfully craft their way between melodic post-bop and newer territory that borders on free without ever losing the plot. In fact the music recorded sounds as fresh as the day they were first recorded with comprising sessions completed on 20 and 27 June 1961. Booker Ervin is added on the second album and his duets with Dolphy are thrilling with ‘We did it’ which is a standout number while ‘Status seeking’ recalls an imaginary Charlie Parker meeting Coleman Hawkins head on. Yet there is great beauty equally from Dolphy on bass clarinet on ‘Warm canto’. There are even hints of the ‘Sidewinder’ riff on ‘Warp and woof’ a full three years before Lee Morgan recorded the tune! On the first album the version of the standard ‘Softly, as in a morning sunrise’ is as different as you are ever likely to hear. Lengthy and informative orginal sleeve notes, including by Nat Hentoff, round off the impeccably packaged music. Tim Stenhouse

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