Erik Truffaz ‘Lune Rouge’ LP/CD (Warner) 4/5

‘Lune Rouge’ is the incredible new album from Erik Truffaz Quartet released through Warner Music Group. Following up on their ‘Doni Doni’ album release in 2016, ‘Lune Rouge’ – which translates to ‘red moon’ – sees Truffaz continue in his long-standing tradition of delivering an all-encompassing jazz project which beautifully infuses so many styles and elements into his sound.

Born in Chêne-Bougeries, Switzerland, but raised in France, trumpeter Erik Truffaz has not only cemented his legacy as a member and contributor to bands including Bugge & Friends, Gare Du Nord, Our Theory but can also boast over twenty releases to his own name as a bandleader dating back to ‘Nina Valéria’ in 1994.

The Erik Truffaz Quartet, which has been the focus of Truffaz’s last few releases, is comprised of long-term members and collaborators including bassist Marcello Giuliani (Keren Ann, Etienne Daho), keyboardist Benoit Corboz (Sophie Hunger, Anna Aaron) and comparatively new Quartet drummer Arthur Hnatek (of the Florian Favre Trio).

And joining them on this particular adventure are very welcome top-notch contributions from Andrina Bollinger, who guests on the sublime, but criminally short, ‘She’s The Moon’, and Blue Note recording artist, Jose James who, considering his own open-minded approach to jazz, proves to be the perfect pick for ‘Reflections’.

Through ‘Lune Rouge’, Truffaz seems to seek inspiration from celestial and astronomical themes throughout – as well as the aptly-named album title, and the title track, the project’s intro, ‘Tanit’, for example, pays homage to the Punic and Phoenician moon goddess of the same name. And further to that, ‘Alhena’ acts as a reference to the third-brightest object in the constellation of Gemini. All themes that Truffaz and company seem to have relished in exploring with compositions like ‘Five on the Floor’, ‘ET Two’ and the album’s 11+ minutes centrepiece, ‘Lunar Rouge’, that all playfully dabble within that science fiction aesthetic.

Erik Truffaz is a revered artist with numerous albums, projects and collaborations as part of his legacy – an artist whose skills and talents have seen him perform all over the world numerous times, and ‘Lune Rouge’ is exemplary of a project that shows Truffaz is still willing to step outside of that box and seek new inspiration. So, with that said, when you’ve been everywhere else, why not go to the moon and back.

Imran Mirza