Flavia Coelho ‘Bossa Muffin’ (Discograph) 3/5

Young Brazilian singer Flavia Coelho has a vocal-rap delivery that retains its melodic essence while being aimed at a younger audience. The title track is a métissage of Brazilian MPB meets raggamuffin reggae. In fact there is something of a Manu Chao influence on some numbers, most notably the cod-reggae of ‘Sunshine’ with vocals delivered in a ragga style and on another pop-reggae flavoured song ‘O que sou’. For a bit of a variety, the flute-led ‘Agnes’ works extremely well with full-on brass and percussion. That Coelho is not simply another singer with a standard bossa nova repertoire is emphasized by ‘Bossa bika nova’ which is a lovely uptempo, shuffling kind of a song. By contrast ‘A foto’ is a gentle-paced song that features pared down instrumentation. Flavia Coelho has enough of an original approach to warrant repeated listens. Tim Stenhouse

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