Floyd Harvey Robinson ‘From Out of the Blue’ (CD Baby) 5/5

floyd-harvey-robinson“The Floyd Harvey Robinson Project is the name that represents the vocalist and musician Floyd Harvey Robinson, and the many partners that assist to bring his music to life. The Floyd Harvey Robinson Project pursues a soulful blend of classic Motown soul sound, smooth, adult, and a touch of pop embedded in the modern music of today. Floyd Harvey Robinson attempts to evoke in the listener a feeling of remembering the past as he is influenced by the soul greats like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Luther Vandross, and David Ruffin…”
Well that’s the release blurb and you know what, this new name to me has excited me immensely; from the opening chords of the stunning dancer “Love at First Sight” I was hooked. This will be a huge tune, so long as the jocks out there try thinking outside of the box. This is only a six tracker and I want more, much more. “Make it With You” is an excellent down-tempo tune; his voice is unique, strong impassioned and travels up and down the range with consummate ease. “Can’t Get Enough” is another cracker – very modern, in fact the opening bars sound like I’m in a call queue for the tax man, but it quickly evolves into another top tune. The title track is more down low, the opening piano chords give the impression that this may be a demo but it soon picks up and the quality shines through. Next up… the monster “Alright” – a sumptuous mid-paced head-nodder that fits hand in glove with last year’s Ursula Ricks “Sweet Tenderness”. This is a serious OMG moment when this fractures the silence for the first time, and a serious contender for track of 2015 for sure. Ending then with another very individual percussion driven mid-tempo dancer with the now trademark effortless vocals. This was a genuine WOW moment for me. So we can only hope that there is more from this talented singer/writer/producer.

Brian Goucher