Forlorn Elm ‘Milya’ CD (QFTF) 3/5

Remember Fusion? Some legendary ideas where accomplished when jazz met rock in the late 1960. An exploration of sound that later drifted into smooth elevator music. Easy to say, fusion as a jazz sub-genre receives only moderate appreciation.

Forlorn Elm​ is a jazz-fusion trio from the mountain mists of Bern, Switzerland. The name, artwork and bandleader David Friedli’s magnificent hairstyle all set the paste for what you will get yourself into​ when picking up the album.

Forlorn Elm rocks!

Their second album ​Milya​ is an original accomplishment of three strong, individual musician with a hardcore passion for music, a deep understanding for jazz and much love for rock.

Hard to tell whether this is still jazz or already rock or the other way around. Who needs genre boundaries in 2018? It’s freaking good music! Powerful, passionate and straight from the heart.

Forlorn Elm ​sounds both emotional and fearless. With songs delving in space, time and colour​. Not too​ flashy, not too humble. Mysterious moods shift to piercing melodic proclamations, with a driving groove.

There are moments where the trio falls short of its potential. The album occasionally sounds over-produced​. Friedli’s composition and musical vision can use more character and roughness in sound and approach. Some parts and solos appear school-like and could use more rage.

Though, overall, ​Milya​ as an album​ shines with collective creativity and musical excitement. A sure discovery for jazz and progressive rock fans. Watch this band in the future!