Garotas Suecas ‘Feras Míticas’ (Vampi Soul) 3/5

Garotas-SuecasSao Paulo-based band Garotas Suecas (Portugese for Swedish Girls, though as far as one can gather there are no obvious Swedish connections in the band) are champions of psychadelic samba rock and if they have not quite mastered the genre just yet, they are well on the way to achieving a kind of updated take on the tropicalia movement sound of the mid-late 1960s and that is to their credit. The delicate opener ‘Manchetes de solid o’ has a rock sensibility allied with percussion. One of the pioneers and true masters of samba-rock is Jorge Ben and a homage of sorts is paid on ‘Eu vou sorrir pra quem é gente boa’ which also features strings. In general latin-pop orchestrations permeate the album and are illustrated on ‘La disco collective’ while on ‘Bucolismo’, which is one of the strongest album cuts, there is even an early 1980s feel with the use of synthesizers. With lyrics in both Portugese and English, this is a well presented release from a young group we are likely to hear more from in the future. A name to watch out for. Tim Stenhouse