Gaudi ‘In between times’ (Six Degrees) 2/5

The exotic sounding Gaudi is in fact UK break producer Headflix and this is an attempt at fusing electro beats with reggae riddims which follows on from the well received 2007 releases ‘Dub Qawwali’ and even earned a BBC world roots nomination at the time. Unfortunately on the latest recording the human element is relegated to a largely secondary role, with the overall sound likely to leave most world roots and even the most progressive of reggae fans cold. Part of the problem resides with the dehumanising effect of the instrumentation and a greater input from reggae musicians would have enhanced the balance. That said, the voice of Lee Perry is heard on ‘I start to pray’ which is noteworthy for its gospel-infused organ intro and this is probably where the reggae meets electro dub works best. It is a pity that the overproduced sound detracts from the music because there is some evidence of a musical mind at play here, especially on the flute driven ‘Tamino and the temple of dub’, but even here the improvisation is minimal. A case, then of returning to the drawing board, and increasing substantially the reggae component. Tim Stenhouse

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