Gregg Jackson ‘The Other Side of Love’ (CD Baby) 5/5

gregg-jacksonThis guy is considered a hero for his original album track “One for the Road”, which is still the Holy Grail for many music lovers, and is an established anthem reaching its peak at venues such as The Canal Taverne, Thorne and the Soul Essence weekender’s.
He has performed lead and background vocals with many well-known artists such as James Brown, Ike & Tina Turner, Herb Reed & The Platters, The Coasters and The Drifters, and not overlooking Otis Redding & The Tramps.
Gregg began his music career at a very young age of six, performing in Gospel choirs, dance troupes and stage shows and he studied under the direction of the famous Boston Pops artist Anna Maria Santorelli.
Gregg released his first album entitled “One for the Road” in Nashville,Tennessee, which was originally produced by Kevin Falvey in 1982 for KYP Productions and re-recorded and produced for Gregg’s debut CD “The Other Side of Me” by David Metcen and Robert Surace for RND Productions.
I was really excited when I found this, as the album had eluded me. What we have here are nine very well produced and excellently sung tunes, with immediate replay for me being “Sparkle”, a stunning 80’s influenced stepper with a vocal that sends shivers up your spine. He sure has still got it, he really has. So where the hell have you been Gregg?
“Send a Dozen Roses” is a down-low masterpiece. Again, sounding very 80’s but with none of the baggage that came with the sound of the 80s. The 2015 remix of “One For the Road” is a masterful example of how to approach an accepted classic without ruining it’s vibe. This could really go again! Vocally it is totally supreme. Musically it is well on point. And then to the brilliant, “Movin’ On”, which is also a cracking stepper worth the purchase, and ending the album “Sunny Day”, which really has challenged “One for the Road” for plays here. Steppers, dancers, bright and breezy with blinding vocals – what a way to finish your first project after such a long time away. Gregg, please don’t leave it so long next time.

Brian Goucher