Jackie Moore ‘This Time Baby’ [expanded edition] (BBR) 5/5

The classic disco single, ‘This Time Baby’, is one of the all-time classic dance floor winners, but how many people are familiar with the rest of the album? Jackie Moore was anything but a one-hit disco sensation and had enjoyed a career as a quality soul singer well before disco emerged. Although recorded at the very end of the main disco era, this album, produced by Bobby Eli, has all the ingredients of a classic soul recording, with elegant strings, punchy brass and prominent percussion. What should have been a major hit, ‘Let’s Go Somewhere And Make Love’, departs from the disco formula and is quite simply a storming uptempo soulful number, complete with a killer hook. DJs probably avoided this altogether at the time and instead opted for ‘How’s Your Love Life Baby?’, which is the one track that sounds slightly dated by virtue of the cheesy synth. Yet even here, the strings and brass help compensate. A stronger contender for a direct follow up to ‘This Time’, comes in Rufus influenced ‘Do You Get What It Takes’, which could just as easily be an alternative to Rufus and Chaka Khan’s ‘Do You Love What You Ffeel?’, with the fine use of percussion here giving it a more contemporary feel. Not all is aimed at the dance floor, however, with two quality ballads, in ‘Joe’, and ‘I’m On My Way’. There is also a lovely mid-tempo soulful song, ‘Can You Tell Me Why?’, which has a distinctive mid-1970’s feel.

Naturally, the title track has pride of place and the major advantage of this new expanded edition is that you have two separate extended versions of the disco hit. The first and original 12″ is by re-mixer extraordinaire, John Luongo. who was rightly feted last year with a terrific compilation, but this can now be compared with a more recent remix by DJ Muro. All in all, a classy album that re-affirms the credentials of a wonderful soul singer and this under-valued album definitely needs re-investigating some time soon. As with previous BBR re-issues, a plethora of vintage label photos from the 45’s, 12″ that were off-shoots and black and white photos of Jackie Moore from back in the late 1970′ and now.

Tim Stenhouse