Jol ‘Moody Aow’ (April)

Out of the Gonkyburg music collective comes this bombardment of sounds ranging from the jazz funk enthusiasm of ‘Going down’ and ‘Kids in the song’ to the film score enriched ‘spirits of pyrinee’, which would fit nicely with the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’ – a masterpiece.
For the dance floors we’ve got ‘cool cat’, giving Koop a serious run for their money, with vibes all the way and ‘Hubba ghost’, which should certainly get either early evening club play or radio airplay.
Electronica is the umbrella, with eastern sounds present on both ‘brumpet’ and ‘gonky boa’ and oriental flavours on ‘think tin’ – this project should stand out in the inevitable rain.
With music already featured on the soundtrack to ‘the great forest’ you begin to understand the directions of the album. Movement and Music has also featured work by Jol… but moody music? I think not. this album would be a cherished item in solitary confinement – thought provoking at times, exciting and even just down right funky when you get too comfortable.
Thumbs up all round, it’s quirky enough to be a hit, sufficiently intelligent to maintain longevity and upfront for the nu jazz lovers, but accessible for them to make some money.
‘Spirits of Pyrinee’ stands out on this album and will take its place with many a classic record.

Steve Williams