Jose Roberto Bertrami and his Modern Sound ‘Aventura’ (Far Out) 3/5

Long-time Azymuth keyboard wizzard Bertrami embarked upon a solo career as long ago as 1983 with the superb ‘Blue Wave’ and has returned to leader duties with a more upfront and varied album/project than one might expect. 
Brazilian grooves from the 1960s and 1970s are showcased here with a fender and acoustic bossa trip on ‘Joanna’ and especially on ‘No tempo da bossa’ where Bertrami clearly feels at home. The title track in contrast is pure jazz funk soundtrack with its use of horns while ‘Laranjeiras’ is a reprise of one of the keyboardists’ older compositions. What is surprising is Bertrami’s delight at playing old-style samba-jazz as on the acoustic tambourim-led ‘Choro’, or the cha cha cha feel of ‘Danca de salao’ which is given a modern updated twist. Of course the reflective side to Bertrami’s craft is not forgotten and he solos on electric piano on ‘Brillante’ and on acoustic piano and organ on ‘O Rescador’. Excellent recording quality throughout enhances the musical pleasure.

Tim Stenhouse