Joyce ‘Visions of Dawn’ (Far Out) 4/5

Here is an unexpected and most pleasant surprise. A previously unreleased trio session of Joyce in Paris from 1976 at the peak of her creative powers. Along with bassist/guitarist Mauricio Maestro and percussionist Nana Vasconcelos, this folk inpsired project cooks from start to finish. 
The purity of Joyce’s voice is reminiscent of early Gal Costa, but the instrumentation is decidely jazzier. There are two bona fide classic songs in ‘Banana’ (possibly the original version and fresher than ever in its pared down form)and ‘Clareana’ that became a staple tune of Joyce’s concert repertoire. However, this post-tropicalia album works as a whole with an intriguing suite in three parts that is at once reflective and of the lesser known compositions, ‘Nacional Kid’ is a catchy rootsy piece with bongo and guitar intro while ‘Chegada’ features duet vocals and guitar accompaniment. Musical proceedings are enhanced by a gorgeous authentic 1970s Tropicalia-influenced sleeve cover courtesy of Andy Votel. 
A welcome addition, then, to the Brazilian music catalogue and this paved the way for the seminal ‘Feminina’ only four years later.

Tim Stenhouse