Julien Doré ‘Løve’ (Sony France) 4/5

Julien DoréA new name to most in the UK, but steadily earning a reputation for quality sounds across the Channel, singer-songwriter Julien Doré has recorded his third album following on from the previous ‘Bichon’ (2011) and electro-pop influences were apparent from the first single released in early summer ‘Paris-Seychelles’. What is interesting about Doré is that he effortlessly combines French and English lyrics and on ‘Balto’ he even sings entirely in English. A duet with Micky Green results in a fusion of the two languages on ‘Chou wasabi’. Perhaps a more convincing combination, and ultimately more substantial composition, is to be found on the other duet, ‘Habemus Papaye’ with Brigitte, a humorous play on the Latin for ‘We have a Pope’, sung partly in English. For the rest in French, Doré possesses a poetic sensibility that will delight francophones and there is at once a lightness and profundity to his writing that cannot fail to impress. This is perfectly illustrated on the tribute to a French sporting icon in ‘Platini’ and on ‘Corbeau blanc’ (‘White raven’). Most melodic of all, is ‘Mon apache’, but the album works cohesively as a whole. Incidentally, the spelling of the title refers to the Danish word ‘Løve’ which actually means ‘Lion’ and this explains the animal graphics on the cover sleeve. Tim Stenhouse