Karmasound ‘La Búsqueda’ 180g Vinyl (Phuture Shock Musik) 5/5

As many of us around the planet are in lockdown, it is great that artist around the world are in the studios still gracing us with their art for our pleasure!
Barcelona’s secret weapon, Damián Botigué aka Karmasound, is a talented beat constructor, musician, producer with some hot and tasty 12s under his belt, now unleashes his debut album, ‘La Búsqueda’.
If you have been following the tastemakers over the past few months, the Broken Beat / Jazz charts from around the globe are all supporting and highlighting the name Karmasound, and by far one of my favourite albums of the year with many killer dance floor bullets as well as soundscape beauties.

From beginning to end I can honestly say it does not have one bad track, as many albums can be respectfully be patched in with fodder. A 10-tracker, which jumps straight in with the piano, beat-driven ‘Dando Vueltas’ to an easy, mellow gliding groove ‘Lágrimas De Esperanza’ which is beautiful. Laced with hints of 2000Black’s Dego and Kaidi Tatham, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Domu… even elements of Chick Corea, Lonnie Liston and Jeff Lorber Fusion. That said, it’s all Karmasound and the passion and expression spill out in oodles!

I’d like to say I have a favourite, but I honestly love every track. This really is an album of musical enquiry filled with exciting elements of the music of our times with an obvious understanding of the listener and the dance floor. If you’re looking for one album to get you through the lockdown… something you can listen to without skipping… seek no more, as the search will bring you right here to Karmasound ‘La Búsqueda’.

Bruce Q