Keith Jarrett Trio ‘Somewhere’ CD (ECM) 5/5

Coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of this historic piano trio comes a sumptuous live recording in Lucerne that dates from 2009 and features the long-time trio of bassist Gary Peacock, drummer Jack de Johnette and the leader Jarrett in top form throughout. Collectively they revisit some old favourites and add some new additions to the standard repertoire and this provides an ideal entry point for new fans of the trio as well as long-established ones. A minor Miles Davis theme includes a faithful re-interpretation of ‘I thought about you’ which Miles famously recorded on the ‘Someday my prince will come’ album from 1961 while Miles’ own ‘Solar’ receives a brisk, business-like rendition in keeping with the original. Where the trio excel is on the songbook classics and a glorious uptempo version of ‘Tonight’ is both intense and instantly recognisable with fine ensemble interplay and Jarrett himself at his most lyrical. The leader on ‘Between the devil and the deep blue sea’ begins with a short piano intro that then leads into some lovely drum rolls from de Johnette and heavy basslines from Peacock. After thirty years together, the trio no longer needs to make any kind of musical statement and simply concentrate on delivering some of the most melodic music on the planet. Ideal for a summer’s (or any other) day listening.

Tim Stenhouse