Latrese Bush ‘The Collection’ (Private Press) 4/5

This arrived together with the Irene Renee album but with holidays and the sheer volume and quality of soul arriving here it somehow got put back. Plus I thought if I left it a little longer some additional information about this lady might surface, other than the fact that she has had tracks featured on several Expansion compilations, but alas nothing other than a short mention of a concert on ReverbNation. As a companion to the aforementioned Ms Irene Renee, this is an excellent album, her voice is very Deniece Williams but with a slight earthy lived in tone at times. Musically it’s a treat too, an excellent production. Lyrically it lacks depth in places but hey, you can’t have everything.

To the music then. Kicking off with a monumental slab of modern day danceable soul in “Great Day”, which has the vibe and urgency to make it onto mainstream radio, especially MTV, who would love this with the appropriate video, starts off innocently enough then in comes a powerhouse production, choppy percussion ala the 90’s, tinkling vibes, cooing backing singers and a lead vocal that tells you from the off that we have a quality singer here, played loud, I mean really loud it really is a stunning tune, a great way to start an album. Another highlight is her duet with none other than Noel Gourdin titled “Because Of You”, a head-nodding foot-tapping weekender spin, perfect for radio plays. I really got into “The Best”, a meandering ballad that on first listen doesn’t hit you at all but it’s a real grower. Then we have “Love I Can Sing About”, one of those instant weekender anthems with strong repetitive rhythm a some nice chord changes and hints of Herbie Hancock in there too.

Now then, I don’t normally chase remixes but “Because Of You” has had a makeover in the shape of a Daz-I-Kue BB Boogie remix, who’s transformation is stunning and again along with the first track on the album could be a great crossover – if it made it to 7” or 12” it would be huge. Both these great singers are having a ball on this and it flows through to the listener. There is also a Tom Glide remix of “Love I Can Sing About” that some aficionados will enjoy. An excellent 9 tracker that deserves your support, it appears to be available at most black music sites, so go grab one.

Brian Goucher