Lee Fields ‘Lets Talk It Over’ (Angle3) 5/5

Now then, Lee Fields should be no stranger to UK Vibe patrons, he’s currently riding a wave of interest and we’ve mentioned him before and he’s been interviewed a couple of times too. So let’s go back to 1979, Angle 3 Records put out this funk/Soul album and it bombed, once again it didn’t stand a chance at the time but to become one of the Holy Grails in album collecting today. At the time James Brown was on every playlist around, his albums were bought in their millions, you can’t get away from the fact that Lee Fields sounds not unlike Brown and the funky music he presented wasn’t a million miles away from Brown’s sound either, so it didn’t stand a chance, a small label out of Plainfield USA was never going to get a distribution deal of any substance and so it died. The funk tracks on here are perfect for what is being played at some venues now and it will only take one of the new breed of funky jocks to get hold of this album and its value will rocket even further.

Contained in this album is also “Mighty Mighty Love”, a wonderful free-flowing dancer which among a small clutch made it to 45, it became huge on the modern soul scene and has over the years become very sought after in its own right. The original album and sleeve contain virtually no information other than the album was self-produced by Lee himself; no change there then is there. Now for the surprise, the original platter had only 7 tracks on it but you lucky people have 15 tracks, it looks like they have pulled together assorted 45’s including the other grail “Take Me Back”. The funky strutting “Cutting Out On Me” is new to me and it’s a cracker, the sought after deep soul wailer “Bewildered” is also here in all its majestic beauty. The album finishes with another mix of the excellent “Cutting Out On Me”. The fresh new album cover also fits in with his modern day persona.

Talking about the two albums in today’s spotlight, in more recent times the Bobby Hutton album has become an auction item and I can’t remember the last time I saw the Lee Fields for sale so these releases are timely and it allows the casual listener to join in the same fun of listening to soul music that some of us have been doing for some 50 years. Essential purchases at any cost in my world.

Brian Goucher