Lonesome Echo Production ‘Silver Ocean’ (Disorient)

Eagerly awaited this one (if only by me!). the album kicks off with the recently released ex-Ten City front man Byron Stingley 12″ ‘sweet dreams’ – funky fresh, instantly you appreciate this album is representing the better side of house music, although that pigeon-hole is not fit for all the tracks. portuguese flamboyance comes correct on the next offering from ex Da Lata songstress Liliana Chachian by way of ‘no colo do mar’ giving house music a heavy slapping of brasil and removes any likelihood of this compilation being filed under ‘lounge’… tremendous.

Ken Boothe & U-Roy together concocts images of splendor – it is challenging music, but with artists like Pharoah Sanders, Lonnie Liston Smith and Nana Vasconcelos all getting it on, I’m afraid the Boothe/Roy combination gets clouded. Pharoah’s ‘love’ with Apani, DJ Spinna and Mr Smith himself gets the big rubber stamp of approval form the ukvibe consortium – hip hop beats rule.

big anthem here has to be ‘soul galactic’ featuring Osunlade – watch out for this at the forthcoming southport weekender… hot stuff; hope indeed this sees a 12″ or even better a 7″ release, as it truly is an opportunity Disorient needs not to miss.

those of you familiar with On-U-Sound records and the whole Adrian Sherwood mayhem back in the day, will just adore ‘spirit of drums’ featuring Mutabaruka – an instantaneous magical moment.

if you are into your soulful house or even nu jazz this album is a must…. do not be hunting this down next year when it has all but disappeared. TUFF MUSIC. big up Disorient, big up.SW

…p.s. you can find a new Mutabaruka 7″ from Un-U-Sound called ‘What Is The Plan?’ with the legendary African Head Charge who, back in 1990, were responsible for blowing up two pairs of speakers at my home, whilst playing the ‘Songs Of Praise’ album.

Steve Williams