Marc Jufer Trio ‘Trip To The Centre’ (QFTF) 5/5

Jazz Trios are one of the classic formation for jazz artists to explore their field. Saxophone trios, due to the lack of a harmony instrument, hold a special ground within jazz history. Marc Jufer introduces his brilliant new album “Trip To The Center”, featuring Lisa Hoppe on Bass and Devin Gray on Drums.

This album is impressive! These three musicians really don’t hold back and take risks in the most unexpected ways. It gets loud, it gets rough and it gets fast – it’s classic Jazz at its very best!

Jufer swings and leads reminiscent of a young Sonny Rollins. Fearless and rhythmically trenchant.

Hoppe and Gray beautifully connect as a rhythm section, laying out pathways or providing sneaky trapdoors to explore unexpected terrain. It’s an exciting dialogue. A vibrant travelogue. An exciting trip to the city! More of this, please!