Marc Mezgolits Quartett ‘Mostly Love Songs’ CD (QFTF) 3/5

Throughout music history love plays a significant role in songwriting. Good love songs need a certain sense of maturity experience and heartbreak. Listeners expect great taste and masterful delivery to take a ballad seriously. Without that, an album almost full of love songs could be misunderstood.

Marc Mezgolits, bassist from Switzerland raised to the challenge. The young artist devoted his debut album appearance to “Mostly Love Songs” and the result is an atmospheric arrival. Mezgolits delivers a blend of soulful compositions and warm and finesse playing. His Quartet, despite their young age, manages to tell musical stories of great depth. Thus, making clear that not all love songs have to be sad and that a debut album does not have to be loud to raise attention. Mezgolits decision to spare the drums, forces the band to a more chamber music approach. Unfortunately, they miss the chance to explore the full colour palette of this unique instrumentation. The album stays in a comprehensive soft and calculable mood and at times lacks risk-taking. Which, in all fairness might have been the intention.

In summary, Mezgolits Debut is not simply an album but a mood. “Mostly Love Songs” displays a band with a defining sound and attitude and a great future to come.